Luxury Number 1 Gift Box

The Luxury No 1 gift box contains a Luxury No 1 solid hand cream bar, formulated using golden Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut oil which is then scented with the Edinburgh Skin Company's famous Luxury No 1 scent blend which contains lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Clove which gives a beautifully balanced scent. The hand cream bars can be carried on flights as they’re solid and beat the “No liquids ban” on flights. Very worth knowing! Everyone needs a good lip balm. Especially one free of any artificial ingredients. This luxury lip balm is a simple concoction of golden Beeswax, to protect the lips, Cocoa Butter, which is a richly nourishing oil, Coconut oil, which adds a lovely soft texture to the balm and finally, Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils for an exotically delicious scent. Last but not least is a bar of Luxury No. 1 cold processed soap. A challenge to master as any soap maker will agree but it’s a product that is definitely worth mastering. This is a beautifully stable soap that won’t fall to bits after a couple of weeks. Cold processed soap, which is the oldest traditional method of soap making is a simple luxury that has the advantage of not being packaged in a plastic container. It contains no harsh detergents, unlike liquid soaps. Also, it lasts for ages due to its stability. No artificial colourings, preservatives, or fragrance oils. 100% Natural. Hand made in Scotland Definitely not tested on animals *Soap type may vary in gift box according to stock levels* Luxury No1 Hand Cream Bar – 30 month used by date* Luxury No1 Cold Processed Soap – 12 month used by date* Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange Lip Balm – 30 month used by date*