I have developed my cracked heel therapy that works to address many of the causes of heel fissures and therefore in as little as just 6 weeks, your heels can be improved dramatically. If you attend the three appointments and follow the guidance for ‘at home’ treatment in between appointments, between us we can massively improve your heels!


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What is included?

Basically everything! This therapy includes the following:-

  • Initial Consultation and treatment
  • Two follow up appointments at day 14 and day 42
  • Two heat therapy sessions at the second and third appointments
  • All creams, lotions and medicaments needed including Footlogix Cracked Heel Mousse worth £25!
  • Heel cups

That’s three appointments in total and everything you need in between appointments to continue the therapy at home for the 6 weeks.

If you were to buy everything separately the cost of this treatment would be up to £187.50 but I am offering this package at the incredible price of £150.  That's £150 for all three treatments, heat therapy, creams, lotions and medicaments and heel cups.