Callus is the name of skin which has become hardened and thickened and is extremely common on the soles of your feet, especially on your heels and big toes!

Fortunately it is rarely painful but can be easily and successfully eradicated by a foot health practitioner.

What is callus?

Calluses are caused by friction and pressure on a particular area…...the body's protective response is to grow more skin on the area to cushion and protect it and callus is formed.

Why does it form?

The main reasons for the pressure or friction are:

  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes - tight shoes or high heels may compress areas of your feet.  Footwear which is too loose may cause repeated rubbing of your skin.  Your foot may also rub against a seam or stitching inside your shoes.
  • Not wearing socks – Wearing shoes without socks can cause friction on your feet
  • Other foot conditions eg hammertoes, bunions and other deformities eg a bone spur can also cause callus to form
  • Your gait pattern may be contributing to your callus

How can I get rid of it?

Using various techniques, we can remove callus quickly and painlessly – often in just one treatment.  Continued use of specialist callus creams can also help to soften the skin.

How can I prevent it from reforming?

  • Footwear that fits properly is a must!
  • Use a callus cream regularly
  • Use protective coverings eg silicon caps / pads – available from your foot health practitioner