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Looking after our feet is such an important aspect of looking after our health.
Whether you require treatment, or simply deserve some pampering, we aim to give you value for money and ensure that after every visit your feet will feel revived and renewed!
Click below to see what services we offer in your own home or in one of our clinics in Tonbridge or Lingfield, or call 01732 387 099 or 01342 618099.

 For an appointment in your own home, or in one of our clinics in Lingfield or Tonbridge, please call 01732 387 099 or 01342 618099.

We are able to offer and treat the following:

  • Toenail Trimming
  • Callus (hard skin)
  • Corns
  • Cracked Heels
  • Verruca Treatment
  • Warm Wax Therapy
  • Fungal or Thickened Nails
  • Athletes Foot
  • Ingrown, Involuted or Pincer Toenails
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Hand and Foot Heat Therapy - see below for more information
A Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) is qualified to provide routine footcare and maintenance for your feet. Problems with feet are very common and can affect everyone, of all ages. To ensure your feet stay healthy, it is important to look after them well and that’s where a FHP can help. They can assess the condition of your feet and treat as appropriate using sterilised equipment to ensure the highest safety and hygiene standards.

Sore feet, calluses, cracked heels…….they can make you feel miserable, especially if it stops you getting out and about. Additional health concerns such as arthritis, diabetes and poor circulation may complicate matters further. Having diabetes means that the well being of your feet is of even greater importance and a FHP can provide a service where your feet are well maintained and any troublesome conditions can be spotted in their infancy and referred on. With regular foot care, future problems can be prevented.

Offering a reliable and prompt service, we are able to treat your feet in your own home making it easy for you to get the help you need.

NEW Cracked Heel Therapy
A brand new therapy package for with cracked heels....check out our dedicated page here.

Heat Therapy
We are now able to offer heat therapy for hands and/or feet in addition to your regular foot care appointment.
Heat Therapy is known to be beneficial for those with joint conditions, as well as assisting in softening hard skin. The heat allows the moisturising products to penetrate more deeply to offer an intensely nourishing and relaxing treatment. Your hands and feet will feel super moisturised and pampered afterwards!

For treatment prices and the areas we cover please click here

Please note we are fully insured to practice, a member of the Register for Foot Health Practitioners, DBS checked and follow all industry guidelines regarding hygiene and safety including PPE.

Home Visit
Initial Assessment (Approx 1 hour and includes full medical history and first routine treatment) £45
Follow Up Routine Appointment (approx 45 mins) £40

Clinic Appointment
Initial Assessment (Approx 1 hour and includes full medical history and first routine treatment) £40
Follow Up Routine Appointment (approx 45 mins) £35

Specialist Treatments

Verruca Treatment
Verrutop Verruca Treatment Initial Consultation and Treatment (Approx 3/4 hour) from £45
Verrutop Verruca Follow Up Appointments (approx 30 mins) from £40 at home or from £35 in clinic
Verrutop Verruca Treatment when added to routine foot care appointment from £25

Fungal Nail Treatment
Lacuna Method Fungal Nail Treatment Initial Consultation £45
Lacuna Method Fungal Nail Treatment Package £200 for initial treatment, three follow up appointments and initial treatment medicaments for your nails and shoes where one nail is treated.
Where two nails are treated, the package is £250.
For more than two nails, POA

Nail Reconstruction
From £50

Onyfix Nail Correction System
For Ingrown, Involuted and Pincer Nails £40 per nail

Cracked Heel Therapy Package
Three treatments, Two Heat Therapy treatments and all medicaments included £150

NEW - Heat Therapy for Hands or Feet £14  (only available with routine appointment)
NEW - Therapy for Both Hands and Feet £20 (only available with routine appointment)

Warm Wax Heat Therapy

When added to routine appointment £25

Elim Express Callus Removal Treatment
Mini medi-pedi approx 30 mins £40
When added to routine appointment £25

£5 discount for couples.

Prices include visit to your home (except where stated), all equipment and consumables including personal protective equipment, paddings and dressings for routine appointments.

Should specialist treatments / equipment etc be required, a quote will be given prior to treatment commencing.

*Please note only one offer may be applied to any one full price treatment. Terms and conditions apply. May not be used with any other offer.

Areas Covered

Sevenoaks, Westerham, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Edenbridge, Lingfield & surrounding areas. If you are not sure if you are in the catchment area, please call and we will be happy to advise.

Call now to arrange your appointment on 01732 387099 or 01342 618099. If we don't answer, we may be treating other clients so please do leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively please email on
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Cracked Heel Therapy
So many of my patients have painful, cracked heels, I decided to work on a package that would really address the underlying cause of the issue and after months of careful research and investigation, my cracked heel therapy package evolved.

Sometimes referred to as heel fissures, cracked heels can be caused by a number of factors including gait pattern, age, weight gain / obesity, prolonged standing, atopic dermatitis/eczema, fungal infection eg athletes foot, diabetes, hypothyroidism, medication, poorly fitting footwear and even going barefoot.

Our heel is a shock absorber and is therefore designed to deform when our heel strikes the ground as we walk. To do this effectively, the skin around the heel needs to be supple and able to move and flex. If this skin becomes hard and dry and therefore less supple, instead of deforming when the heel strikes the ground as we walk, it is more likely to crack and split. These cracks can become infected and bleed if left untreated, causing not just pain but potentially serious consequences.

So what can we do?
I have developed my cracked heel therapy that works to address many of the causes of heel fissures and therefore in as little as just 6 weeks, your heels can be improved dramatically. If you attend the three appointments and follow the guidance for ‘at home’ treatment in between appointments, between us we can massively improve your heels!

What is included?
Basically everything! This therapy includes the following:-

  • Initial Consultation and treatment
  • Two follow up appointments at day 14 and day 42
  • Two heat therapy sessions at the second and third appointments
  • All creams, lotions and medicaments needed including Footlogix Cracked Heel Mousse worth £25!
  • Heel cups if appropriate

That’s three appointments in total and everything you need in between appointments to continue the therapy at home for the 6 weeks.

If you were to buy everything separately the cost of this treatment would be up to £187.50 but I am offering this package at the incredible price of £150. That's £150 for all three treatments, heat therapy, creams, lotions and medicaments and heel cups.

Don't just take my word for it…….

'I was so ashamed of my heels - they looked disgusting! I now cant wait for next Summer as I will be wearing flip flops for the first time in years!', Sarah B, Pembury

'I cannot believe the difference Beverley has made to my heels - a complete transformation. Thank you!' Emma S, Sevenoaks.

Purchase the Cracked Heel Therapy Programme now here.

Who isn't suitable for the treatment?
If your cracked heels are caused by a serious underlying medical condition, or the fissures are infected, therapy would need to be delayed whilst these are treated by your GP.

Please note that in order for this treatment programme to be successful, you have to be willing to follow the guidance including to apply creams etc twice daily. Failure to so will result in a poorer outcome.

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About MeAbout MeAbout Me
I am fortunate to have had a varied and rewarding career in healthcare for over 20 years, including the position of Day Hospice Manager at the Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice.  I have experience in many areas including cardiac, stroke, Parkinsons, end of life and dementia care and I am passionate about providing a safe, reliable and high quality service.

I decided to retrain as a Foot Health Practitioner with the College of Foot Health Practitioners in Birmingham and now enjoy working as a mobile Foot Health Practitioner offering my clients treatments in their own homes.

I am of course fully insured, DBS checked and adhere to strict safety, hygiene and infection control measures and professional standards.

If you have any questions, please do give me a call. I hope to meet you soon,
Beverley Winn

  • Covering Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells & Surrounding Areas