At Revive Renew we are always looking for new verruca treatments. New to our arsenal of effective verruca treatment is Verrutop.

Verruca and warts are one of the most challenging dermatological skin conditions to treat. Treatment selection depends on verruca treatment history, health and age of patient plus the presentation of infection.

New to the UK podiatry market. Verrutop constitutes of a formulation of nitric and organic acids, zinc and copper salts. This powerful concoction when applied carefully to a verruca causes the infected tissues to desiccate. The nitric acid basically triggers cell death. 

Verrutop verruca treatment can only be applied by specialist practitioners and is not available for home use. It is a simple, usually painless procedure and normal activities are not impeded. Depending on the size and stubborn nature of the presenting verruca up to 6 or less treatments may be required.

In clinical trials in 2019, a remission rate of 89% of patients after maximum 6 applications was reported and in over 50% patients remission was observed after just 3 applications. These results are better than applying liquid nitrogen during cryotherapy to stubborn verrucae on the sole of the foot and its far less painful.

Suitable for children from 6 years.